Where Did Data Go?

This is intended as an information site for organisations

If you are an individua looking for your reports, you should visit the website of the organisation that held the data. We have no way of providing a report to you directly.

For organisations, you can:

This website stores no unencrypted information on on whose data went where, and why, and does not store the ability to return the encrypted information we do have into intelligible form, beyond the production of a report upon request by the original organisation when relevant information is provided to do so.

This is (to be) a freely available, open source, reference implementation. We make no assurances as to the length fo time that data submitted to this public site will be retained. If you wish to use this implementation as the basis for your data usage reporting, please get in touch about a custom arrangement.

For more details of how we can help your data flows be transparent, email commercial@medconfidential.org .

The login provider is responsible for providing a list of UUIDs for that account for export, and a public key half for that account (for event dashboard or pdf precreation)

Our reformatting of the HSCIC data release register runs off this platform.

  • alert text to front page red/green (loss / nobel)
  • json to pdf